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Promotional Materials for your screening of

"Dalai Lama Renaissance":




Here are your promotional materials for your screening of "Dalai Lama Renaissance":


We have created promotional materials for you to use for your screening of "Dalai Lama Renaissance."

Please feel free to download these document and image files, customize them with your particular screening details (dates, your organization name, ticket price, etc.), and then print them for the promotion of your screening.

To download these files, please RIGHT CLICK on any of the links below, and then select either  1) "save link as" or "save target as" (depending on the browser that you have) to save them on a folder on your computer. (Since some of the file sizes are large, they may take a couple of minutes to download, depending on your internet connection speed):

The downloadable promotional materials include:

1) A press kit

2) Email Template for emailing your Email List about DLR Screening

3) Flyer - DLR Vol 1 (version #1) Files

4) Flyer - DLR Vol 1 (version #2) files

5) Postcard files - DLR Vol 1 (color design)

6) Postcard files - DLR Vol 1 (B&W design)

7) DLR Vol 2 - "A Revolution of Ideas" files

8) Flyer - DLR Vol 1 and 2 Joint Screening files

9) Printable tickets

10) Newspaper Ads for DLR Screenings

11) All files above in ONE compressed ZIP file


You may customize and print these files yourself, or take the files to a copy center (like Kinkos) to have them customized and printed them for you.

We wish you a very inspiring and successful screening.


Publicity/Marketing Tips for your screening:


1) Get the word out early - world of mouth is the best advertising. Promote and advertise as soon before the screening as possible. By Facebook, email, your website, newsletter, announcement at meetings:

  1. Once as far in advance as possible.

  2. 10 days in advance (of your screening)

  3. 2 days in advance (of your screening)

2) Send an email announcement to your members and email list about the screening, and ask them to forward the email to others who might be interested.

3) If the Director is appearing in person, make sure and mention that prominently in your email and flyers. An in-person appearance of a Film Director creates an additional amount of interest and excitement from audiences. You may also mention that the Director will be signing copies of the film after the screening.

4) Make an announcement at your organization or church during meetings or services.

5) Play the movie trailer for "Dalai Lama Renaissance" for your members - At meetings, services, or other film screenings at your organization, play one or more of the three movie trailers for "Dalai Lama Renaissance." If you can project a webpage to your members from your computer, then go to the "Film Trailer" section of this website, and play one or more of the trailers. We can also arrange to send you a DVD of all three trailers, if you can send us $5 for the cost of the mailing. (Please email us if you are interested).

6) Contact other organizations in your community who might be interested in letting their members know about the screening. Organizations interested in the film might include: Buddhist Centers, Yoga Centers, Peace Centers, Spiritual Centers, Unity Churches and Meditation Groups. Invite the members of other organizations to attend the screening, and ask these organizations if they would post a flyer about the screening in their facility, as well as forward an email to their members and email lists. To encourage other organizations to inform them members, offer to allow that organization to have a table at the screening with flyers about their organization.

7) You may also want to consider working with other organizations to co-sponsor your screening, so that they will be more invested in promoting it.

8) Facebook: 1 in 8 people on the planet use Facebook, and yet it is one of the most under-utilized resources to publicize an event. At the moment, Facebook is the center of the internet universe, so Facebook can be a very effective way of promoting your screening. Here are some tips for promoting your film screening in Facebook:

  1. Create a Facebook "events" page for your screening, post a link to the events page on your organization's and your personal Facebook pages. FB events pages are allowed to have an image associate with them, so please feel free to either use the film poster image from the DLR Film's Facebook page ( www.Facebook.com/DalaiLamaFilm ), or upload a poster image from the film's promotional materials page.

  2. Post a press release about your screening, and the film's poster image, on your personal and organization's Facebook wall. (Use any of the materials that we have included in the screening promotional material's page.)

  3. Post regularly and often on your own wall, and try to think of new and interesting thoughts, aspects of your event, and images to post. You may use any of the images on the DLR Film's Facebook page, and add your own commentary in a way that you feel will interest your members.

  4. If there is an aspect of your screening that is unique (like an appearance of the Director for a Q&A, or another special guest attending), then make sure and highlight that in you press release and Facebook posts.

  5. Ask your friends, as well as fans of your organization's Facebook page, to "like" and "share" your Facebook events page or press release, and to let their family and friends know.

  6. Search for and find the Facebook pages of other organizations and businesses in your area, and post a notice about your event on their wall. It might also be effective to send that organization or business a personalized message, mentioning the screening, what the special local purpose of the screening is (if there is one), and whether they can let their page fans know. When posting on someone else's Facebook wall, post judiciduously and with common sense, and not too often, so that you will not irritate the admins of the other Facebook page.

9) Contact your local newspaper - List your screening on events calendars (for free), or mention that the filmmakers are available for interviews (we would be happy to help you).

10) For radio & TV stations, newspapers and magazines, offer some free movie tickets as audience giveaways, to encourage your press to write an article or promote your screening. If the Director is appearing in-person at your screening, then he would be happy to sign 1 to 5 copies of the film's DVD to offer as a promotional giveaway in order to help publicity.

11) Post notices on local internet events pages, like Craigslist.org, or your local newspaper's events page. You may also contact members of Facebook or Myspace in your area who list an interest Dalai Lama, and post your screening on your Facebook page.

12) If your screening is being held in a cinema or theater, please contact your theater and ask if they have:

  1. Added the screening to their online movie schedule

  2. Included the screening in their email newsletter to their movie audiences.

  3. If they would send a special email that focuses on the screening

  4. Added the screening to their theater's printed materials

  5. If they would display a movie poster of the film in their theater in a "lightbox" or wall. If so, then please contact us so that we may send you a large "one sheet" movie poster.

13) If your members would not mind being contacted by telephone, call your members to inform them about the screening

14) Using the templates that we have available, post flyers and posters around your town or city: in coffee shops, libraries, book stores, community message boards

15) Once your screening has been confirmed, we will list your screening details on our website, in the "Screenings" section, as well as the film's Facebook page.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:


Khashyar Darvich
"Dalai Lama Renaissance"



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