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Harrison Ford - Biography:


Featured in "Dalai Lama Renaissance" are:


Harrison Ford: Actor Harrison Ford is the narrator for "Dalai Lama Renaissance." The Internet Movie Database (IMBD.com) writes that "He is clearly a well-established Hollywood Superstar." Harrison Ford's movies are the second-highest grossing films of any actor in history. World-wide, his films have a total box office gross of about $5.65 billion, with U.S. box office grosses totaling approximately $3.18 billion. He has starred in the blockbusters "Star Wars" films, "Indiana Jones" movies, "American Graffiti," "Blade Runner," and many others. In 1985, Harrison Ford received Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his acting role in "Witness." And in 1993, he received a second Golden Globe acting nomination for "The Fugitive." He is starring in "Indian Jones 4," which is directed by Steven Spielberg and will be released in May 2008.






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