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By completing this form and pressing "Select," I agree to the terms below:

1) I agree that I can show THE FILM OR FILMS CHOSEN ABOVE during the date(s) specified above. Arrangements may be made should I wish to extend the dates for my screenings by contacting Wakan Films.

2) I understand that private showings (for family, friends, other organizations, etc) would violate this distribution agreement and agree not to hold private showings.

3) I will submit the dates of all showings to Wakan Films. If any of the dates change from what I originally submitted or if I add additional screenings, then I agree to notify Wakan Films.

4) Once my event is posted on the film's website, I agree to check my information for accuracy and to request changes to this information via email.

5) I agree that once I have submitted this form and $150 USD screening deposit payment, there will be a $75 cancellation fee up to two weeks prior to my showing. Cancellations made within two weeks of the showing will be charged the $150 USD minimum fee.

6) I agree to a minimum ticket price of $10.00 USD per adult when the Director is NOT present for a Q&A. *($15-$20 per ticket per screening if Director Khashyar Darvich is present for a personal appearance and Q&A)

7) I commit to pay 50% of receipts from ticket sales (minus the deposit paid), for showings of the film, unless otherwise agreed to in writing with Wakan Films.

8) I agree to take responsibility for all costs associated with the screening. This includes equipment rental or purchase, complementary tickets, any advertising, tax, etc.

9) Payment is due one week after my screening(s). Payment for the screening(s) of the film can be made via Check, Money Order or Credit Card. For Checks or Money Orders, please send and make Checks or Money Orders payable to: Wakan Films. The mailing address where the payment shouldl be sent will be emailed to you after your screening reservation has been confirmed.

10) I agree to return copies of the screening DVD(s) that were mailed to me for the screening within ten (10) days of my last screening, or I may be charged an additional screening fee. I agree to get a tracking number from the courier or postal service to insure delivery of the DVDs and payment.

11) To help protect and honor the efforts and contributions of all who have worked on creating "THE FILMS(S)," I agree not to download, upload or make any copies of the DVD for any reason and will not do so. I understand that making copies of the film is illegal and a Copyright infringement.

12) (Unless the Film Director or a member of Wakan Films will be bringing the DVD to the screening in person), I can expect to receive the DVD event package no later than 1 week prior to my showing. Complete instructions and a return address will be in my DVD package along with a back up DVD just in case there are any problems with the first copy.

13) (Unless the Film Director or a member of Wakan Films will be bringing the DVD to the screening in person), I agree to test the DVD on the equipment that will be used for my screening at least four days prior to my screening. I am responsible for procuring the projection equipment necessary for my event, which might include: a digital/video projector, DVD player, and large screen.

14) I understand and agree that by submitting this contract and agreeing to the above terms and conditions, this constitutes a valid agreement between Wakan Films and myself and my organization.

Thank you for your interest in screening our films, which have the intention of inspiring audiences and serving the 'Greatest Good.'

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